Radio/TV Stations

What makes us different?  We know Radio and TV

Our team has been working with Radio stations and other media groups for over 20 years.  We know you need to provide your clients with digital solutions but sometimes that’s out of your comfort zone. And that’s ok! Let us be your in-house digital agency.  We work directly with your clients to deliver their digital services and we are here to support your advertisers and your sales team.  All you have to do is what you do best- sell! 

We start by training your sales team

We don’t just throw “geek speak” at them with lots of technical jargon they won’t understand.  We give real-life examples of how digital can be an effective marketing tool when added to a broadcast campaign.  We connect the dots between Radio/TV and different digital tools so that they can better understand how it all works together so that they can be confident when speaking with their clients.  During the training, we give them the tools necessary to prepare an easy to understand and explain digital evaluation on their clients.  

Next, we provide sales materials and sales support.

We give you simple to follow one sheeters on our products.  Need more? We’ve got you covered.  Need a custom proposal for a client?  You got it.  Need a digital specialist to meet with your client? We are here for you.  Need a special presentation?  We can do that too.  Want a custom proposal for your client?  Click here.

Once you sell a service, you pass the baton to us! 

We contact the advertiser, handle all approvals, train the advertiser/set up reporting access, and answer any support questions.

We are more than your digital agency

We are a full-service agency.

We can help you with Radio commercial production, jingle production, video production, logo design and more.  We are your partner in delivering advertiser success!

Need a revenue boost?  Check out our parent company Advantage Systems and our proven sales events.  An Advantage Plan program not only increases your number of ANNUAL local direct advertisers, it can also help you plant your flag in the local digital marketing space.  Each Advantage Plan comes with digital to introduce your advertisers to you and your digital!

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